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Project Description
Borderless Canvas is a multi-display discussion software, developed at the Microsoft chair of Educational Environment and Technology(MEET), the University of Tokyo, Japan (more detail about us:

The goal of this project is to support knowledge-emergent presentations. Utilizing ZUI (Zooming User Interface), this software allows all the discussion participants to share a “zoomable canvas,” which displays presentation slides created by Microsoft PowerPoint, and to freely view the slides and write comments on the “canvas” with an electronic pen, unimpeded by the usual hierarchal barrier between the presenter and the audience, thus deepening the discussion between them. By preparing additional public display screens in the room, the presenter can also display slides coming before or after the main slide being shown, making the display of slides on-site more dynamic.
NOTE: The primary language of this software is Japanese and also has English descriptions.
Figure 1 Borderless Annotation Sharing and Borderless Display Extension.

Figure 2 Borderless ZUI Information Space

How to start developing Borderless Canvas

  • You need Visual Studio 2005 and PowerPoint 2003 or later versions for developing the client software of Borderless Canvas.
  • You need Visual Studio 2008 for developing the server side component of Borderless Canvas.

Setting up the environment
  • Check out the latest source code.
  • See and follow the instruction.
  • Copy msidcrl40.dll (should be on your PC when you installed the WLIDClientSDK.msi) to the following directries.
    • (codebase)\multi\kotodama_Plugins\SkyDrivePlugin\dll\
    • (codebase)\multi\BoxDisplay\
  • Double Click (codebase)\kotodamulti.sln to build the whole solution. You might be required to build twice to complete all the compilation.

Feel free to contact us ( kotodama0 <at> ) if you have any interest on this project.
This project is a derivative of an open source prentation platform KOTODAMA( )

Internal use: Project Startup Guide

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